The Impact

The IFL will provide youth football players the opportunity to play under the guidance of professional coaches who possess a strong knowledge of the game, which includes decades of playing football at high levels. All of our coaches are thoroughly vetted by the IFL. Coaches are trained extensively on Proactive Coaching concepts and practices as part of the vetting process. well before they step foot on the field.

The current model of volunteer coaches and parents running youth football program is antiquated and ineffective. IFL prefers to give parents the opportunity to support and enjoy their kids participation in youth football as adoring fans, rather than as unpaid interns struggling to effectively manage a fractured youth organization. Parents deserve to enjoy watching their kids compete without the heavy burden of donating long hours and effort in order to keep programs operating.

Imua Football League believes that we can coexist with current youth football programs in the state of Washington. We welcome the opportunity to provide support and training to ALL those who seek to improve the youth football experience. We believe providing an elite level select league for young football players will inherently make the game safer. Athletes of relatively similar strength/size/speed learning to execute better technique is simply a win for the game of football.