The IFL Impact…

The IFL believes that character can and SHOULD be taught. Our league will consist of professional coaches with a high-level knowledge of the game. Each coach will be deeply vetted and trained on Proactive Coaching concepts before they step foot on the field. These coaches will be tasked with defining, modeling, shaping and reinforcing our core covenants. Our message to the players will center around being an athlete of character, both on and off the field. Imua Football’s foundational belief is that being a true athlete is much more than being able to run fast or jump high. Selflessness, mental toughness, accountability, and having a teachable spirit are not just sound bites or “fluff”---they will help you WIN. Coaches that take the time to intentionally teach these traits will always beat teams of equal talent. Period.

The IFL firmly believes that our select model can absolutely coexist with the other 450 teams in Western Washington. No one wins when the biggest kid in the community goes up against the smallest one. Our league provides an environment for consistency of talent, size and strength. This separation of skill level and size will allow everyone to thrive and create a much safer environment for everyone involved.